Food Pantry
The Margate Masjid Food Pantry HELP People in the community by reaching out to those who need assistance to adequately feed their family.  When you can bring a can!

Marriage: Imam  will perform marriages for all those who require this service. The Imam has a license from the State of Florida for this Service.

Divorce: MJAM staff and members will offer marriage counseling for those families going through bad times.

Janazah: Imam can be contacted to provide assistance in washing of the deceased, Salatul Janazah and burial.

Aqiqah: The Jamaat Masjid Al'Mumineen welcomes those families that would like to celebrate their newborn.

Quranic Functions & Religious Advice

Shahada (Declaration of faith in Islam)


Shahada is the Muslim declaration of belief in the oneness of God and acceptance of Muhammad as his prophet.
If you are convinced that Islam is the right way of life, and you have decided to embrace Islam then:

Contact the Imam at MJAM Tel: 954-575-3872 / Or email him

Important note:
It is recommended that on this very special occasion to wash your entire body with the intention of embracing Islam. Please bring some form of identification (passport, driver’s license etc.) with you for verification purpose.

Upon you arrival to the mosque, the Imam on duty usually asks you some questions to assure your full conviction, in addition he will also brief you with certain fundamental principles of Islam.
New Muslims are encouraged to join the revert class held at the Masjid on a weekly basis. In doing so, new reverts can learn to pray and become more familiar with the principles of Islam. In addition, revert class is a place where new Muslims gain support from each other and from others that has more experience in the dean.

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